URGENT NOTICE: Despite good ticket sales, we sadly have to postpone the event. The reason is the weather. It is unseasonably cold. Our bats do not hibernate but their bodies’ metabolic rate reduces significantly and they go into a ‘torpor’. Why? It is to reduce their energy needs and food intake requirements. The cold weather means less insects around for them to feed on. When it warms up, the insects buzz around again and the bats come out of their torpor. So without the bats around we have, sadly had to postpone the event. The proposed date is the 21st October at the Iphithi Nature Reserve in Gillitts…but please keep an eye on this page for updates. Please contact the Gillitt Foundation on 0606 733 654 if you would like a refund otherwise your ticket will be valid for the new date.  

Welcome to a celebration of our beautiful Highway area. The Highway area runs from the edge of the Berea, Durban through Westville and all the way to Eastern Pietermatitzburg. It is the major part of the Comrades’ Marathon route.


The Festival is about our countryside, sport, our gardens, music, food, art and interesting talks. There is something to appeal to and interest all ages and the whole family. It is a fund raiser run by and for the Gillitts Camperdown Lions Club, so every event that you enjoy will be helping someone in the community.


A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the volunteers, those who are opening their private gardens to the public, our speakers, the musicians and the behind the scenes companies, all without exception, of whom have given freely or at generous discount for their time and services. Without these individuals and companies, this Festival would not be possible. Finally, a massive thank you to our financial supporters. Please take a look to see who supported charity, so you can support them.


So look at what is on offer. Please book, as tickets are limited. Then step out and have a good time!